Environmental Policy


Corelatus strives to produce equipment in ways that do the least possible harm to the local and global environment. Whatever we use from the environment we take carefully and when we are through with it, we put it back so it can be used again by someone else.

At Corelatus we perform regular audits to examine the impact that our products and their use have on the environment, and how this impact can be reduced by improving our products and processes.


We design our products to use components which minimise resource consumption and prefer energy efficient production methods.

We evaluate our suppliers and strive to purchase components from suppliers that have active environmental policies in place.

The Precautionary Principle (Swedish: Försiktighetsprincipen) guides our environmental choices. We minimise and strive to eliminate chemicals that, while not yet forbidden in our market countries, can be replaced by less dangerous ones.

Employees are encouraged to avoid unnecessary auto and aeroplane travel.

Selected improvements:

  • We phased out packaging based on recyclable polyethylene foam, in favour of unbleached cardboard packaging.

  • We have repeatedly reduced the power consumption per E1 receiver, from 600 mW to 100 mW.

  • We phased out PVC insulation in favour of halide-free alternatives. Currently shipping products do not use PVC insulation.

  • We phased out printed circuit boards containing tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBA) in favour of halide-free alternatives.

  • All Corelatus products manufactured after 30. June 2006 are fully compliant with the European Union's RoHS ("the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment") directive. We use a lead-free soldering process.

    RoHS and WEEE statement.

  • We have phased out the use of various cleaning solvents, including acetone, in favour of isopropanol.

  • We have redesigned our products to eliminate the majority of tantalum capacitors. (Some tantalum comes from a region where illegal mining operations are said to finance civil war and destroy National parks.)


Corelatus' products are used by the telecom industry to improve services and reduce costs in many ways. In general when people use telephones and wireless services to meet and communicate they use less energy than if they travelled to meet.

Our products lead the market in small size and low energy consumption.

Packaging and Product Recycling

Customers are encouraged to return shipping cartons and spent products to Corelatus where we separate materials and either reuse or dispose of them.

In accordance with the European Union WEEE directive 2002/96/EC, do not dispose of Corelatus GTH systems as unsorted waste. To dispose of our products, return them to Corelatus, where they will be disassembled and the component parts recycled or disposed of in accordance with current law.

All plastic shipping materials are marked according to DIN6120. The shipping foam and moisture-proof plastic bag are treated to eliminate ESD and consist of only non-crosslinked low-density polyethylene which is produced without halides (freon). They can be recycled into new polyethylene or energy-recycled, releasing only CO2 and water when burned.