Privacy on and


Information we collect from ordinary pages on our website

We record ordinary webserver logs and keep the logs for 30 days. We use the logs to spot problems, e.g. misconfiguration and unauthorised use. These logs include your IP address.

For pages which require a password, we also log the user name.

We record aggregate usage information after discarding information which would identify individual users.

Information we do not collect

We do not use cookies.

We do not collect "sensitive personal data" in the sense of the GDPR.

We do not help third parties track you. We do not use scripts, images or buttons hosted by third parties such as Google Analytics, Facebook or Linkedin.

We do not share information with third parties except when compelled by law or when the sharing is necessary. An example of necessary sharing is we confirm product orders by email, so your email address will be visible to the mail servers between us and you.

Viewing, correcting and deleting your data

If you wish to view, correct or delete data we may have about you, send mail to